Logo design for Ladykiller Productions, for "i <3 comic art", an indie-comics art show in Seattle running during Emerald City Comic-Con.

And a Facebook cover arrangement for the i <3 comic art logo.


Logo design finals for Aethercast Studios (a small game design studio out of Atlanta).

Logo series for TavernCast, a popular podcast about World of Warcraft.

Logo design final for AIR, a steampunk fantasy gameworld design project. Their idea was to create a world and use it as a base for video games, tabletop, live action games, etc.

The AIR: Maelstrom logo.

Logo for Hip Hop Chronicles, a comic about hip hop.

Logo for SheGeek Show, a video cast about video games and other tech stuff.

Logo for a comic book called Proximity.

Logo for a podcast called Bullet Points.

Logo for Hatboy Studios, a software development company.

Logo for HRST.

sample-vista logo.jpg

Logo for the Gold & Stone Exchange.