Custom art for yourself or as a gift

Commissions are OPEN!

Portraits of all kinds of people, real and fictional. You or your loved ones, wedding portraits, your favorite video game or table-top game characters, really any person or figure you can provide a reference for!


Broadly-speaking, portraits and other commissions are treated similarly. Here are some general pricing guidelines. All prices include a 13"x19" archival print and a digital file in JPEG (or equivalent) format you can send to others, use as an avatar for forums, Facebook, etc.

Digital Portraits

1 figure, head and shoulders (black and white) $75.00

1 figure, head and shoulders (color) $100.00

1 figure, full body (black and white) $150.00

1 figure, full body (color) $200.00


2 figures, head and shoulders (black and white) $125.00

2 figures, head and shoulders (color) $250.00

2 figures, full body (black and white) $250.00

2 figures, full body (color) $300.00

3 or more figures, backgrounds, etc., contact me for a quote.

Contact me with a description of the commission and we'll go from there. I'll send you payment information, you send me any references I'll need, and I'll get started.

If you have something in mind that is very custom and not covered above, please just email me a full description of the commission, with as much detail as you'd like, and I'll do my best to get you a reasonable quote.

Typical turnaround time is a week or two, but rushes can be accommodated if necessary (a looming birthday, for example). If I get behind due to volume, I will do my best to work out a schedule for delivery that works for you.


All images are printed using archival inks on high-quality, matte-finish watercolor paper. Having tested a range of papers, I can personally attest to this specialty paper. Colors are vibrant and bright, and I have never seen richer blacks. Good stuff.

Standard print size is 13 inches by 19 inches, with other sizes being available on a case by case basis. Larger prints will require additional compensation to cover the costs of printing and shipping in those formats.

The commission fee includes a single print at the standard size. Additional prints can be made for $20.00 each. Shipping for the standard size is a flat $10.00 per order, across the board, regardless of the number of prints ordered. Nice and simple.


The shopping cart system I have in place uses PayPal, so I can take credit cards and generally offer more flexible payment options. It's a simple system, and you don't even have to be a member of PayPal to use it. If you would like to request other payment arrangements, drop me a line and we can probably work something out.


All standard-sized items will be shipped flat. I take great care to ensure that your package is securely and safely packed to prevent damage in the mail. Larger-format prints may require alternate shipping formats.


Buying a print or original, or even commissioning a work, entitles you to your own personal enjoyment of the work purchased, but does not confer any right to reproduce it, in any form, for any purpose. Selling an item does not in any way confer any copyrights to that work. All copyrights remain the sole property of the artist (and/or the original copyright holder). If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to ask.


Just to mention, I do reserve to right to refuse a commission based on personal standards and professionalism. There are some subjects I'm simply not interested in illustrating: no porn, for example (beautiful women and nudity are fine, but nothing too explicit; my judgment on where the line is drawn is final. Use my existing portfolio to get a feel for where I will and won't go). Refunds will be given to anyone who pre-purchases from the above list if I should decide after the fact to invoke this clause. You are welcome to ask me beforehand if you have something in mind that you think might be questionable.


Use the form below to contact me about commissions. Ask about subjects/layouts/media that aren't covered in the set options. Rights inquiries. Etc.

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